About Asleif


My name is Asleif Hrafnsdotter. I live in Denmark, and it’s about 850 AD. I work the land, cook good food to keep my family fat and strong, and tend the sewing, the thralls, and the home.
I’m also a 30-something nursing school student just trying to keep my head above water.

There’s so much that I do, and want to do, that putting a list here would be boring. I love all things Viking, and embrace that easily in the Society For Creative Anachronism. It leaks into the rest of my life too, and any given day you might find me looking up Viking age meals to compliment my modern kitchen.  I want to write more, I want to be brave enough to sing, I want my cookies delicious and my stew hearty and my essays moving, and every day is a journey towards this insane list of goals, one tiny step at a time.


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